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The Davis Approach

The Davis approach goes to the root of why some people have problems understanding and learning math with traditional teaching methods. Visual-spatial thinkers are easily confused by the “words” that describe math functions. Once the foundation concepts for understanding math are mastered and the math functions can be “seen,” math becomes easy. Davis® Math Mastery  does not use manipulatives, memorization tricks, flashcards, or repetition.


Disorientation is a constant mental companion to dyslexic children. As they go through childhood, distorted perception is as common as actual perception. Because of this, most dyslexic children have little sense of time. Most children experience time rather consistently. They can estimate the passage of time with fair accuracy. For the dyslexic, time has never been consistently experienced, so estimating its passage may be impossible.

Without an inherent sense of time, understanding the concept of sequence-the way things follow each other, one after another, is difficult if not impossible. Without the concepts of time and sequence, an accurate understanding of the concept of order versus disorder is doubtful.

Order, Sequence and Time

All math, from simple arithmetic to calculus, is composed of order (versus disorder), sequence, and time. Children who have an inherent sense of these three concepts can easily learn and understand math. For children who do not possess these concepts, learning math is reduced to memorization. The extent to which they will be able to use math is limited by their ability to remember the rote procedures and math facts. Without an understanding of these underlying concepts, there can never be any real understanding of the subject or its principles.

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