Dyslexia Common Characteristics

A well-defined problem is half-way solved
  • is very bright, but doesn’t do well in school
  • feels “dumb”, has low self-esteem
  • is easily frustrated and emotional about school, reading, or taking tests
  • reads or writes with additions, omissions, substitutions, and repetitions, often seeming to pay little attention to the sequence of letters in words
  • tires quickly and makes many mistakes when writing or copying
  • “zones out” or daydreams often, seeming not to hear what is said; is easily distracted
  • gets lost easily or loses track of time
  • may be hyperactive or hypoactive
  • has difficulty organizing self, tasks, or belongings
  • leaves many tasks unfinished
  • has difficulty telling time or managing time, or learning sequenced information (e.g. days of the  weeks, months of the year)
  • can do arithmetic, but not word problems
  • misreads function signs in math (+, -, x, =)

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